Our case referred on Nikkei News Paper / Online News

Interviewed by Nikkei on “Highly-skilled Foreign Nationals Visa” for the third time. We pointed out that the number of applicants for the “Highly-skilled Foreign Nationals Visa” remains smaller than the government expected because the visa does not necessarily grant the merit to its holders like the case quoted in the article where our client was not allowed to bring his parent to Japan, even when he met the requirements to be eligible for the “Highly-skilled Foreign Nationals Visa”, due to the additional condition (i.e. have a child under the age of 7 years old) required for the resident visa for parents, which is introduced as one of the merits of obtaining the “Highly-skilled Foreign Nationals Visa”. In order to increase the number of the highly-skilled foreign residents in Japan who shall enhance the Japan’s economy, the government should grant the merits including the resident visa for their parents or foreign domestic helpers to all of the “Highly-skilled Foreign Nationals Visa” holders without the additional conditions.